Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Stuff!

This year at South by Southwest, the Etsy Austin team will be stuffing these awesome bags, handmade from upcycled T-Shirts, designed by yours truly, with promos and REAL goodies!  I am so amazed at my fellow crafters who will be stuffing these bags, not only with promo items, but with actual samples of their products.  This is your chance to be a VIP and receive an amazing swag bag.  If you're in the Austin area during SXSW, come out to our booth at Hill Country Weavers (on South Congress) on the weekends or look out for the group in our turquoise shirts loaded down with these bags!
Wanna make this super cool bag?  It only takes about five minutes, ok, ok, a bit longer if you include reading or watching the instructions, but it's super easy and the product is an ultra-hip bag that you can proudly say is upcycled and handmade by you!

Email me for instructions:
Include:  Name, Delivery Method (email/mail), Address (if applicable)

Watch the video:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who knew a sweatshop could be so fun!

Saturday night the awesome EtsyAustin team got together to make these ultra-hip messenger bags and stuff them full of promos and actual products!  We've made somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 bags so far and they are AWESOME!!!  

There was some awesome REAL stuff going into these bags, like handmade earrings, soap, etc.  This will have to be one of the coolest swag bags in history.  Forget the mass produced pens and post its that you'll get in other freebie bags.  This bag is full of handmade items and to top it off, the bag itself is handmade and upcycled!

We ate, we drank, we cut, we sewed, we screenprinted and hilarity ensued!

Want to make your own bag?  We'll be posting the instructions soon and including them inside these goody bags if you're in the Austin area.