Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been thinking about NINJAS lately...

Have you ever noticed that life sometimes presents you with recurring themes? I keep seeing and hearing about Ninjas everywhere.

First, my husband insisted that I should post this old picture of me. We had purchased a toy Ninja set for one of our friends for "Funny Christmas" and I decided to leverage it during our super secret mission to "poke fun" at our friends house.

Then a friend forwarded this 60 Minutes report about the possibility of another wave in the economic crisis due to something called a "Ninja Loan". admittedly, I'm both excited that it's called a Ninja Loan and sad that it exists because apparently N.I.N.J.A. stands for something like "No Income, No Justifiable Assets". Basically they're loans that are made to people who probably had no business getting a loan. But seriously, it's pretty cool to see these super smart business people talking about Ninja Loans on 60 Minutes!

So I decided to give in and do a NINJA themed treasury on etsy featuring super rad stuff that's affordable.

What's your ninja story?

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